We strive to provide the best in drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

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Our unique therapeutic approach combines the practice of holistic wellness with groundbreaking clinical research, and provides individuals with the tools for achieving both short-term and long-term recovery.

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Our Programs

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Treatment

Our drug rehab program provides individualized, clinically-luxurious care for those seeking recovery from substance use disorders.

Co-Occurring Disorders

We specialize in treating secondary disorders such as trauma, depression, bi-polar disorder, anxiety, and co-dependency.


We include a 12-step component into our seven dimensions of treatment and replace addictive mindsets with healthy, effective rituals based in group processing.

Sleep Hygiene Program

Our clinicians identify the cause of sleep disorders and introduce effective new habits to facilitate natural fatigue and healthy sleep.

Recreational Experiences

We expose clients to unique indoor and outdoor activities, such as yoga, kayaking, and hiking in order to build self-esteem and achieve personal growth throughout treatment.


The aim of our mindfulness program is not relaxation or happiness, but freedom from the tendency to get drawn into automatic reactions, thoughts, feelings, and events.


We believe in helping our clients adopt a nutrition plan that is balanced in both quantity and content, and consists of moderate portions of natural foods.

Art Therapy

We work with clients to help them recognize and clarify feelings, traumatic moments, and barriers to recovery by promoting emotional expression and fostering creativity.

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About Dr. Andrea Barthwell

Dr Andrea Barthwell MD

Andrea Grubb Barthwell, M.D., F.A.S.A.M., is the founder and CEO of Two Dreams. Dr. Barthwell is an internationally renowned physician that has been a pioneer in the field of addiction medicine within the American Addiction Society of Medicine (ASAM) and a contributor to the field of alcoholism and addiction treatment. She is a past president of ASAM, was awarded Fellow status, and is certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine (ABAM). Dr. Barthwell has been widely regarded by her peers as one of the “Best Doctors in America” in addiction medicine. President George W. Bush nominated and the United States Senate confirmed her to serve as Deputy Director for Demand Reduction in the Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP) from January 2002- July 2004.

Dr. Barthwell’s career has been as diverse and successful as the patients for whom she advocates. Her career has been comprised of a unique balance of research and practice, and reflects her steadfast commitment to merging scientific inquiry with the human side of addiction: Dr. Barthwell has combined involvement in governmental policy with community-based work in health-care organizations, as well as serving on a number of editorial boards of scientific journals and widely publishing her own research.

Latest Articles

Tradition Four - By Brett Dunning

There are as many types of people in recovery as there are in, well, as many types of people in everyday life. Preferences and interests run the gambit of society at large. There are outgoing people, shy people, spontaneous people, those that like things a certain way all the time, a panoply of ages, creeds, colors, musical tastes, fashion styles and pastimes, etcetera.

Similarly, there are all kinds of 12-step groups. There are small groups, large groups, groups addressing a wide variety of addictions, groups that meet briefly over the lunch hour, groups that last long enough to include an intermission, groups that feature emphasis of support for varying constituencies such as women, men, sexual orientation, different languages, different ages, and more. But wherever two or more are gathered together to practice AA principles, it is an AA group if they say it is. That is the basis and beauty of AA’s fourth tradition.

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Innovations in Behavioral Health Conference - Q/A With Our Outreach Coordinator Nancy Davis

Nancy Davis, our Two Dreams New Orleans Outreach coordinator and Administrator, recently attended the Innovations in Behavioral Health Conference in Nashville on June 22-23. Innovations in Behavioral Health is a new conference being offered by Foundations Recovery Network, and is beneficial for those looking to broaden their knowledge and skill set in the treatment industry, medical field, and business management. With our new IOP and OP treatment facility in New Orleans fast approaching its opening day, we thought Nancy Davis would be the perfect person to attend this conference. We recently sat down with Nancy to discuss her experience at the Innovations in Behavioral Health Conference to get the inside scoop on how this conference will benefit our New Orleans facility.

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